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            • 2017

            • "Complex surface thermal function structure morphology design and control of manufacturing key technology" by the National Science and Technology Progress Award
            • 2016

            • The company opened a new LOGO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Guanbang Technology Co., Ltd. stripped 
              Won the first batch of Guangdong Province supply chain management pilot enterprises
            • 2015

            • The completion of non-public increase in the issuance of shares, the company to achieve restrictive incentive stock issuance 
              Shunde Malong base construction
            • 2014

            • Companies to adjust the product structure, the new supply chain trading business 
              The establishment of enterprise science association organization 
              Hold the first month of scientific and technological activities
            • 2013

            • Won the "Top 20 Chinese copper pipe business" title
              Set up a national postdoctoral research station 
              Awarded "A-level quality credit enterprise"
            • 2012

            • Wuhu base construction completed the first phase, and successfully put into operation
            • 2011

            • Guangdong fine Arts Sales Co., Ltd. was established 
              The provincial technology center building was opened
            • 2010

            • Wuhu 30,000 tons production capacity base, set up a wholly owned subsidiary: Wuhu Fine Arts Copper Co., Ltd. marks the company's precision copper business regional industrial layout
            • 2009

            • The first A shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the small board, the securities referred to as "fine arts shares", the code for the 002295
            • 2008

            • Was awarded the "top 100 private enterprises in Guangdong Province"
            • 2007

            • Was identified as "Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center", "large-scale heavy copper continuous casting and rolling Gongyi key production equipment" by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award
            • 2006

            • Set up "Guangdong Province brass processing engineering technology research and development center"
            • 2005

            • The company was founded and changed to Guangdong Geyi Metal Co., Ltd
                Was identified as "Guangdong Province from the new technology enterprises"
            • 2004

            • Shunde Beijiao Jingyi Metal Co., Ltd. began to implement the shareholding system reform
            • 2003

            • Established Sino - foreign joint venture Foshan Shunde Jingyi Wanxi Copper Co., Ltd
            • 2002

            • The establishment of Shunde City crown State Technology Co., Ltd.
              The company moved to the whole town of Beijiao West Sea new plant
              The company independently developed the world's first large-scale heavy copper continuous casting and rolling production line put into operation
            • 1999

            • Established Shunde Beijiao Jingyi Metal Co., Ltd